Villalobos Rescue Center

Amber Roeder

Ms. Lange

ELA 1-2H

30 November 2012

Villalobos Rescue Center

            Have you ever wished for a second chance? Villalobos Rescue Center is a rescue located in New Orleans. They have a huge brick building that is about 30,000 square feet located on an overt street. In fact, the rescue just moved there not too long ago from just outside of Los Angeles in California. However, it is more arid in California, than it is in New Orleans. It is home to over two hundred pit bulls and the guys who take care of them, parolees. Villalobos is ran by Tia Torres a forty-nine year old mother and the top pit bull trainer. It also ran with the help of her kids. She has two adopted Hawaiian twins and two daughters. In fact, Tia’s garrulous daughters are one day going to take over Villalobos Rescue Center. She even has a husband who was recently sent to jail. He was sent to jail due to a parolee hiding stolen items on his property. He as well as Tia had a bad past and a bad childhood. Everyone has things they regret however, the past is the past. The rescue foundation of Villalobos gives a second chance to the lives of pit bulls and even parolees.

             Villalobos Rescue Center all started when Tia rescued a pit bull named Tatonka from a local shelter. Tatonka was rescued from a crime scene where she was the only living thing left on the property. After seeing how Tatonka acted with her kids, Tia started loving the breed. She also was first wary about the breed. In fact, in some states pit bulls are not allowed and if found are killed im mediately. Banning pit bulls should not be allowed due to the amount of families who have one or even some. Later, she started rescuing more and more pit bulls until she made it a nonprofit rescue. She started having parolees work for her because they needed a second chance as well as the dogs did. She once went to jail although she never really received a second chance, she made one.  She also noticed that the parolees worked harder. They worked harder due to them never taking anything for granted. In fact, some people including Tia never did anything really bad; they were just in the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong people. Not all criminals were put in jail for terrible crimes. Overall, the backstory of Villalobos inspired many and also shows people why they shouldn’t judge.

            The Villalobos Rescue Center is nonprofit. Nonprofit means that they only run on money donated by generous people. Tia runs Villalobos for the dogs; she doesn’t do it for the money. Being nonprofit and having a bad economy means less people donating and less money. In fact, some months she can barely make ends meet. Villalobos also has a show! The show is called Pit Bulls and Parolees. It is on animal planet and is currently in season three. Having the show brings in more donations and more people looking to adopt a pit bull. Also, Animal Planet donates $50,000 for them to do the show. To earn money they do events all over for dogs, and at dog shows, and more. To run a rescue takes more money than you can imagine. Not to mention people who run rescues get no money out of it they just receive the satisfaction of saving dogs all over the world. In fact, money is even donated by munificent people. Tia also acclaims each visitor to Villalobos whether they’re to help, donate, or even adopt a dog. It is sometime enigma how the dogs were previously abused. However, some dogs come in, in so much pain hardship, and abuse that Tia is forced to alleviate them by putting them to sleep. Overall, it is a remarkable nonprofit rescue that is adored by many.

            What is the true meaning of being unique? Unique means to be special or “different” in some way. Villalobos is unique for many reasons. One reason is because it rescues the world’s most misunderstood breed of dog.  Another reason is because the rescue is worked by parolees. The men/parolees that Tia hires, is because nobody else will. It teaches the people who watch the TV show how that not all criminals are bad. It shows how they change, that they have a heart, and that they are just like everyone else except with a bad past. The rescue specializes and focuses on rescuing pit bulls due to the fact that the breed has the highest kill-rate in the United States. In fact, the first dogs to be killed in any shelters are commonly pit bulls. Overall, Tia can’t save them all, but for the ones she can save they will never forget.

            Villalobos is a rescue center. It is also a TV on Animal Planet! The Rescue’s main goal is to rescue so that maybe one day, they won’t have to. Running a rescue takes a ton of work and causes a ton stress as well. Villalobos is run by a fiery red-headed leading lady who’s scary on the outside, but has a heart of gold on the inside. She rescues pit bulls because they are a breed that she has come to love and also are commonly misunderstood. In fact, pitbulls used to be ranked as the best family dog and were even better than Labs and Golden Retrievers. Then you have parolees who people look at as a disgrace. When combining them together it’s like a match made in heaven. The pit bulls bring out the love and compassion in the parolees while the parolees train the pit bulls to behave. Everyone in some point of life will need a second chance whether it is from a family member, friend, work, or anyone/anything. Overall, Villalobos Rescue Center is a rescue that shall be forever known and provide a second chance for many. The rescue foundation of Villalobos gives a second chance to the lives of pit bulls and even parolees.


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